What we do

What we do

We believe that organisations, like people are organic and multidimensional. Their ambitions and aspirations go beyond building transactional relationships and there is a new, more human, currency between businesses and their communities. A currency of trust, integrity, advocacy, authenticity and shared value.

At PPR we are driven to build bonds between businesses, brands and communities. Through our unique footprint of six offices across Australia and New Zealand and the breadth of sectors we work in, we know how these communities work, live and play. We apply this understanding to unlock the potential of reaching and influencing communities, helping our clients not just to grow, but to flourish.

We approach our client’s challenges using our six-point Community Marketing framework:
Community Conscience

Deep insights built from the ground up using the power of WPP data and insight capability, combined with PPR’s unique team based across Australia and New Zealand.

Community Interaction

Community marketing is a two-way relationship that requires brands to join the conversation in an authentic way.

Community Hub

Conversation in communities happen in different places and brands need to be where these conversations are happening.

Community Purpose

We understand what communities really care about and how businesses can give back and create a shared purpose.

People and Technology

In order to connect with a community effectively and efficiently PPR clients draw on a mix of people and proprietary technology.

Community Impact

We are obsessed with effectiveness and measure what really matters to our clients.